Freeible Fridays #31

Hey Everyone,

As you know, I have been trying this new thing for me where I tell you about a book I loved and share a free ebook link to that book if possible.

Why I picked this book?

I picked this one because I’m not fond of it. The reader in me didn’t like the scenes or the plot, so my writer’s mind picked scenes apart and rewrote them differently. It was the first ever that I enjoyed a book because I changed most of it in my head. Plus, I don’t understand why the religious lines are in a cosy mystery. It’s fair to say that my version is slightly darker with a tad more action. I hope someone reads and share their thoughts with me.

First Lines:

There had been a storm in the night and twigs and blossoms littered the long sweep of concrete front steps at the hundred-year-old stone mansion the Crawford family called home. Jane Adler had two hours to get the six thousand square foot house whipped into shape. Then she was off to her next client to do the same thing. Jane was alone on the cool spring morning. The neighborhood was a quiet haven of sunshine and fresh green gardens. She wished she could trade jobs with the gardener today, just so she could stay outside and enjoy the long-awaited sunshine.

Goodreads Blurb:

Living on her own for the first time, Bible school student Jane cleans houses to make ends meet. But being independent brings big trials, like falling for a handsome professor, dealing with an obnoxious roommate, and then there’s the dead bodies…

Who knew being housekeeper to wealthy owners of a Roly Burger franchise would mean sweeping up clues to their death, while ministering to the needs of their heirs?

This is one big mess that Jane is intent on cleaning up before things get even worse.

Download Link Here

Goodreads Link Here



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