Read-A-Thin November 2022 Announcement

I was waiting for Donna and Manda, the two hosts of readathin, to announce this round which will happen next November. I can never say no when these two host a readathon. They are not only my friends; they also read some fantastic books. Luckily, the aim here is to read as many books as possible from your current TBR.

As I have been saying for weeks, I need to get my TBR down to 0 by December. So, I’m doing things a bit backwards this time around. Whenever I finish a novel, I will see which challenge fits it, so yea going into it without a planned TBR which is a first for me, and currently, I have 45 books on the list.

What Is Readathin?

Read-a-thin takes place in February, May, August, and November every year and is a month-long. It is hosted by Donna at momsbookcollection and Amanda from MANDA THE BIBLEO. It started in 2017 by Amanda, and then Donna joined the team.


Reading Prompts:

TBR Repeater // remember those books you didnt finish last month or maybe the month before that? here is your chance to bring them back to get them read.

Read and watch (or read) an adaptation (movie, tv, webcomic, graphic novel, etc) // read a book that was or will be adapted into something.

Mood Read // choose something your in the mood to read.

A book you meant to read in 2021 // simply look at the books you meant to read in 2021 and read one of them.

New to you author // read from an author you never read from before

Book in a series // read a book that is in a series can be first, second, third or even last.

Book less than 300 pages // easy peasy anything under 300 pages.

Favorite Genre // what is your favorite genre? read a book from that said genre.

5+ words in the title // another easy one, just find a book that have 5 or more words in the title.

LGBTQ+ // read a book with LGBTQ+ in it.

Book from a subscripton box or recently bought // do you get a subscription box? or have your bought or recieved any new books? pick one and read it.

A book with a prologue or epilogue // have you read the prologue or epilogue in a book? find a book with one in it to read.

Self-Care Prompts:

Self Care Day // take a day to care for yourself.

Listen to your favorite music // put some of your favorite music on.

Take a relaxing bath or shower // part of self care it obviously relaxing in some water.

Watch your favorite show or movie // upon self care usually watching a favorite show or movie is always good for the soul.

Read for 30 mins // of course we are going to encourge reading and what better way then joining some reading sprints over on twitter?

Make a playlist of your favorite songs // when listening to your music make a favorite songs playlist and share with us on twitter.

Do something creative (painting, writing, drawing, etc.) // have a creative brain? or just want to do something new? show us what you do when you get creative.

Get some fresh air // we all need some fresh air, through a window or going outside you are still getting something.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook // are you an audiobook or podcast person? pick something and listen to it.

Smash some goals (life or reading) // do you have any goals you need to finish before the end of the year?

Reorganize a space or bookshelve // we always love to clean up or organize a space or shelf for some self care.

Cook or bake something new // it is always nice to have some nice new food or dessert, you can cook or bake or even non bake something. then show us what you have made on twitter.

Instagram Challenges

Buddy Read:

Readathin Buddy Read: Twitter | Storygraph | Goodreads

On Storygraph you can message Donna or Manda to join.

Social Media Links:

Readathin Twitter Readathin Discord 


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Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Youtube

P.S. If you want to post about readathin anywhere, you can use the hashtag #readathinnov22.



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