Freeible Fridays #29

Hey Everyone,

As you know, I have been trying this new thing for me where I tell you about a book I loved and share a free ebook link to that book if possible.

Why I picked this book?

If you are in Europe like me, every news channel you watch is about the war between Ukraine and Russia. The people who suffer the most are the ones who have no say. I can’t even imagine what it is like to fight for your life while so much death surrounds you. Like I said on Instagram, this one is a tear-jerker. The ironic part is how such beautiful prose could describe such horrid situations.

First Lines:

North Korea
June 25, 1950
I didn’t want to step into the river, but I had to. He was floating away.
“Youngsoo!” I stomped in waist-deep, gripping my toes against the sharp-edged clams on the rocky floor. Rushing water swirled around me. I grabbed my little brother’s hand and dragged him back to shore.
“Sorry, Noona,” Youngsoo said, calling me older sister in Korean. “I leaned out too far with my net.” It wasn’t the first time he’d lost his balance and tipped over while fishing, his stomach smacking against the water. He shivered in his wet uniform.

Goodreads Blurb:

Can two children escape North Korea on their own?

North Korea. December, 1950.

Twelve-year-old Sora and her family live under an iron set of rules: No travel without a permit. No criticism of the government. No absences from Communist meetings. Wear red. Hang pictures of the Great Leader. Don’t trust your neighbors. Don’t speak your mind. You are being watched.

But war is coming, war between North and South Korea, between the Soviets and the Americans. War causes chaos–and war is the perfect time to escape. The plan is simple: Sora and her family will walk hundreds of miles to the South Korean city of Busan from their tiny mountain village. They just need to avoid napalm, frostbite, border guards, and enemy soldiers.

But they can’t. And when an incendiary bombing changes everything, Sora and her little brother Young will have to get to Busan on their own. Can a twelve-year-old girl and her eight-year-old brother survive three hundred miles of war zone in winter?

Download a copy here

Goodreads Link Here



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