Off The Topic Thursdays/ Honest

Image is from Pixabay

It’s okay not to be okay

The key is to keep trying

In a world

Where you want to be

An honest human

In a world

That can’t unlearn To be dishonest



3 thoughts on “Off The Topic Thursdays/ Honest

  1. I used to have a school teacher who was always preaching about how honesty is the best policy and it was wrong then and it is wrong now. A person who strives to be honest all the time will be more of a victim than a victor in this treacherous dog-eat-dog world in which we all live .. and so, honesty is not a virtue anymore, if you plan to survive honesty is insanity. Of course, if it is our choice to live at the bottom of the modern filth pit and have nothing and never become anybody, then honesty is the perfect excuse for our failure to progress. There are millions of honest people on welfare and food stamps. That is where their tradition of being honest go them and I hope they are happy with their situation. I used to be among them. But no more. The only place where honesty is going to get those who practice it fervently, faithfully and fanatically is out the door or down the drain.

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