Happy Cerebral Palsy Day

Image is from Pexels

Tomorrow is World Cerebral Palsy Day, which is what I have, and I’m not alone because there are roughly 18 million people worldwide. There are four primary types, each depending on which area of the brain is affected. I see Cerebral Palsy as an umbrella that covers a speculum of symptoms.

I found that for most people with CP, including myself, it because a bit of a mind game since, mentally, you want to go and do, but we have to be careful because it’s pretty easy to over-push your limits. In my case, I pay the price with muscle fatigue and inflammation, so here is some advice take your time.

I find that mobility issues are common across the board in the world of CP. I won’t lie to you; I have days when I want to move fastest, but my lack of mobility or the mobility that I do have doesn’t allow that, and it can be challenging to respect your limits. I’m lucky that in my workplace, I’m given the space to do things at my own pace and not that they encourage it.

From experience, I know that people with Cerebral Palsy can do anything and everything they put their minds to. Something that annoys me and is bordering on offensive is when people assume I can’t do something without asking me or letting me try it. The disabled community always tries to find a way to make things accessible to them when they aren’t.



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