A Journal For Jordan Movie Review

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Yesterday, when we got home, my mum was flipping channels when she found this movie that started. I typically turn the tv on to a true crime channel, and my gut told me not to, and I’m glad I didn’t. The movie was A Journal for Jordan, and it took me on an emotional journey just by watching it.

Later, I learnt that it is based on a real-life story of Dana Canedy and First Sergeant Charles Monroe King. I’m the son of a soldier, so it got to me even more. As a child, I was terrified that my dad would be called to go back and fight. Thinking about it now, I know it would be impossible for him to be called in. Since my dad left the army when I was a toddler, the period I’m talking about was during the war in Libya, which lasted years, so there was a shortage of men to fight.

Anyway, while watching, that’s the memory that came, so I got a connection straight away. I was close to tears during the scene where Dana found out that Jordan got in a fight because kids at school called him a fake black since he has lighter skin than his parents. I never understood why people are racist, and as a white man, I can fully understand the pain that comes with it.

In this situation, we get a first at the journals that Charles wrote for his son while he was fighting to keep his troop safe to return home to their families. Sadly, early on, we learn that Charles didn’t make it home safely. The last straw for my emotions as a viewer was when I realised that Dana wasn’t given the American flag at the funeral since they didn’t get married in time, so technically, she wasn’t his primary family. This movie was a 10 out of 10 for me. I also found the book A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor by Dana Canedy, and I put it on a list of books to read next year.



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