Who Was Marie Therese Vassallo?

Image is from the Newsbook Site

So, last I was at work minding my business, and since I work in a front desk position, the first people they meet are us. Every person has a story behind them. One skill I believe that people working in customer care need to have is to listen. Here comes this older gentleman, and when I helped him with his application, he asked me, do you know who my wife is?

I didn’t, so I said no, sir; then he told me that his wife was a mezzo-soprano, Marie Therese Vassallo. Now, to be honest, I’m not even familiar with local music in genres I like, let alone lyrical music, which is so out there for me. My colleague and I half listened until he said Putin, and I was like, wait, what did you mean the Putin from Russia?

He looked at me and said yes. Last January, he called and spoke in Russian, but I don’t know Russian, so they got an interpreter with limited English, told him to go to the Russian embassy in Malta so they could translate. It turns out that Putin used to ask her to go to Russia and teach music there. The next day, he went to the embassy, and they were scared to call, so Marie Therese’s husband (the gentlemen) called himself, and after they talked, the person told the husband that Putin wanted 19 photos of his wife to pass them to the students she taught.

Marie Therese played the piano, violin, and guitar; apart from being a talented lyrical singer, and not only was she a prodigy when it came to music, she knew a vast number of languages like Maltese, English, Russian, German, Italian and French. From her husband, I learnt that she also knew Koran since in the ’70s, Agatha Barbara, the Maltese president, sent her to open concerts in North Korea for Kim Il-sung.

My aims for writing are two; I know there are so many brilliant people whose stories will die with them, and it’s a shame. Malta is just a dot on the map, but it sure has some jewels in its people. My second reason is to show that even Putin has some human inside of them. I wish he finds it and ends this senseless war.


5 thoughts on “Who Was Marie Therese Vassallo?

    1. If people thought Putin was going to sit back and do nothing, you not know the man! . The visual explainer below focuses not on the full-scale escalation that began on 24 February, but on fighting in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine that began in 2014. This provides crucial background for understanding what is happening today. The armed conflict has been going on since 2014. Not just recently. Garda, Securities has much written history of the true conflict. Learning to navigate Garda takes patience and good research skills.

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  1. Nice story.
    World Governance is not ruled by the presidents, there’s the invisible group that “commands” what’s to do with humanity. The rulers or presidents are to do and face the dirty jobs, the ones behind … have got voice but not face. NWO used to be, who knows who is today.

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