September Wrap Up 2022

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Pride March 2022

Why Do We Still Need To Talk About LGBT+ and Disability Issues?

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My Trans Self and Friends

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When it comes to reading, I was lucky to have read some breath-taking books, one of which is Asperger’s on the Inside by Michelle Vines, and I just needed this book. A person who was close to me has Asperger and while I thought I understood what it is like but I honestly didn’t. I blamed it on myself, yet from reading Michelle’s story, I know that there are more layers to the condition than I thought. By the way, I’m under 100 books on my TBR, so I do have hope that I will be down to 0 by December.

I haven’t shared my feelings about the Pride March because I needed to process the whole thing. I wasn’t going to start with it, but then a friend invited me along, and I told them I would think about it. The next day, I talked to my mum, and she said if you want to go, I will come with you. That Friday, a specialist gave me some steroids in my hand, so I woke up with an upset stomach. Luckily, I felt better, and I went.

Newbie trans me would never have guessed that I would be marching in the Pride March with my mum in a million years. Even if I have been out for five years, this was my first time at the pride. When it hit that I was there and I could hold my head up, I had to hold tears. Sadly, while the laws were in place, I still had to fight for what are my rights being that I’m disabled, and I know that keeping at it is what got me here today. Before I go, I’m happy to report that my hand is doing much better, and I can finally type with both.



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