Freeible Fridays #27

Hey Everyone,

As you know, I have been trying this new thing for me where I tell you about a book I loved and share a free ebook link to that book if possible.

Why I picked this book?

When I learn that the main character has Cerebral Palsy, which is also what I have, I get worried because you never know how it is represented. From having this condition all my life, I know how complex it is, making it harder to write about. I found it to have some of the best discussions about visible and invisible disabilities. I found the author’s point of view on ableism is what brought it all together for me.

Favourite Quote:

“He presses the sleeve of his cardigan to my cheek, wiping away a fresh batch of tears as easily as if they were raindrops on his glasses.”

First Lines:

I stumble into the orchestra room after fifth-chair violinist—and ever-present thorn in my side Beaux Beckworth sticks his leg out across the doorway.
“Sorry, Differently Abled.” He tries to sing the nickname he’s had for me our entire four years at this academy, but Beaux is the sort of person who doesn’t even tune his strings properly. So, he can’t exactly carry a tune, either.

Goodreads Blurb:

Daisy and Noah have the same plan: use the holiday concert to land a Julliard audition. But when they’re chosen to play a duet for the concert, they worry that their differences will sink their chances.

Noah, a cello prodigy from a long line of musicians, wants to stick to tradition. Daisy, a fiercely independent disabled violinist, is used to fighting for what she wants and likes to take risks. But the two surprise each other when they play. They fall perfectly in tune.

After their performance goes viral, the rest of the country falls for them just as surely as they’re falling for each other. But viral fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. No one seems to care about their talent or their music at all. People have rewritten their love story into one where Daisy is an inspiration for overcoming her cerebral palsy and Noah is a saint for seeing past it.

Daisy is tired of her disability being the only thing people see about her, and all of the attention sends Noah’s anxiety disorder into high speed. They can see their dream coming closer than it’s ever been before. But is the cost suddenly too high

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