What I Have Been Watching?

Image is from Pixabay

Here is what’s up with me with my non-dominate right hand out of order; typing with it hurts more than the norm for me. I never thought I used my right hand that much until I could move the area between my wrist and thumb. Anyway, I should have started OT by the time this post is up, hoping to avoid surgery.

If you are questioning why I’m talking about my hand when the title is things I watched? Good question: I guess the lack of mobility and stress from life made it easier to sit in front of a tv or laptop and watch one episode after the other. The only movie I watched I thought was called Summer is Waiting. However, when I googled it, it didn’t pop up; to be fair, I watched it in Italian. It was a movie-musical pretty similar to Mamma Mia, and I had a blast singing along and stuff. Good thing I was in my room alone.

Okay, I have something to admit; I have an addiction to Border Security Australia’s Front Line and Nothing to Declare. If I’m at home and I see that a new episode was uploaded to YouTube, I have to stop what I’m doing and go watch it. The thing is that I’m just stunned by what people put in their luggage. Yea, it’s fantastic when they find drugs or illegally stuff and stop it from entering the streets.

PS: After a lot of googling, I discovered that the movie is called Walking on Sunshine.



5 thoughts on “What I Have Been Watching?

  1. Singing along to Mama Mia is inevitable 😆👍 and those border patrol programmes are addictive, I went through a stage at one point. You just never know what strange and quirky scenarios are going to come up next.

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