A Message To Teachers

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I’m putting this on paper because it has been turning in my brain for a while, which is starting to cause anxiety, and that’s an issue. I never opened up about being dyslexic before I started my blog. The way it made me feel was a locked secret since language and reading were the most things I was mocked about, and sometimes still am.

I’m a decent speller and speaker when it comes to English, and yes, I can speak Maltese and 9.5 out of 10 can understand it. It might take a sec to put the letters together, but I can read them. I know you might be asking how the heck did you pass your exams? The answer is memorization; I would piece the rest like a puzzle. When my LSEs (Teaching aids) started making fun of me, I would use the memory trick to get off my back.

Like Paige (a character in my novel), my mum taught me all she knew. My grandma took my mum out of school at age 12 and sent her to work. So, the opportunity to learn wasn’t there for long. Luckily, my sister isn’t dyslexic, so she was able to learn with the traditional method. If anyone who teaches reads this, I have one message. Communicating with your student is critical; mocking didn’t help me and won’t help anyone. Sorry if I sounded like I was moaning; it’s something that hurts me


7 thoughts on “A Message To Teachers

  1. My sister is dyslexic. She wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her fifties. She struggled all through school and was often made fun of. She is now 60 and does home care for seniors, who just love her because she really does care. She turned into a strong independent woman who stood up for herself. Glad to see that you are speaking up and expressing these types of things.

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