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When I Googled blogging and ad revenue, this came up that if you make 1000 views per month, from $0.01 – $0.25 per page view, you should be making anywhere from $10 to $25 per month. I have been paying for my Wordads for three years. The lowest views I got last year were 1.800 monthly, and I only made $16.62 in 3 years; something isn’t adding up.

Option one could be that Wordads, the ads I use on WordPress, are too low in value, and the issue I would be facing, in that case, is that to use AdSense on WordPress, you need to upgrade to the business plan, and that would be out of budget for people like me. I have an idea I would like to try. Which is to partner with another blogger, and we would click on each other ads for a month and see if it changes anything.

I never used Blogger since it doesn’t have the like button, and it annoys me that I can’t like a post I enjoyed. The way my brain thinks is that liking that blogger stuff is a sign that I support their content. It might be that I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t find it user-friendly when I try and comment on a post. So, even if I’m told that ads are worth more on Blogger, I’m still sticking with WordPress because I enjoy talking to you way too much to risk it. Having said that, I would like to try that experiment on the ads to see if it works. You can comment down below or email me any time.



22 thoughts on “Blogging and Ads

  1. The ads situation boggles my mind. I’ve only been running ads for a couple of months and I have a very small follower count, but when I first started ads I earned $0.02 for 182 ads served. The following month, $0.01 for 236 ads, and the following I earn $0.00 for 261 so despite the number of ads served going up, earnings went down. Granted, this might be because of my small follower count so I guess advertisers aren’t willing to bid more than a literal cent.

    I can’t really see this being the reason for yourself though. It could be related to cookies though. I had a quick scope of your site and your ads didn’t load until I click accept cookies, so anyone who doesn’t click accept or has cookies blocked won’t be seeing your ads either.

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      1. I had some friends and we use to click other ads and earned a bit extra, however, I haven’t tried it in years and I don’t know if it still works


      2. Looks like the number of ads served went up yesterday, but the revenue stayed the same.

        If you click on the ‘i’ icon in your earnings history it says you might not get paid if no advertisers “bid higher than the minimum price required to display their ad” so it seems that might be the reason. It’s likely that the more clicks you get, the higher advertisers will bid?

        Hope that helps.

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  2. I had a friend once who ran a large website where other bloggers could pay dues in order to have him “Syndicate” them on his network. He often complained that he couldn’t get paid for his ads either and he finally just quit trying. It is either obviously a scam or something doesn’t work properly.

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  3. Thing is, when it comes to ad impressions, you really can’t command much money unless you’re raking in millions of views per month. Even so, it’s hard to quantify served ads versus payment, because some people may be repeat visitors, and other people may be on ad blockers.

    I personally think that the effort spent on a growing blog is best funnelled into building an audience first rather than optimising ads—and even then, getting your audience to buy something will net you much more than advertising ever will.

    But of course, if you ever reach Perez Hilton status, then ads are a no-brainer.

    Just my two cents!

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