The Answers We Look For

Image is from Pixabay

We all look for answers

And sometimes it takes

All our lives to find them

It becomes an ongoing search

Day and night

And when you find it

It might not be the right one

Or the one

You want to hear



5 thoughts on “The Answers We Look For

  1. The search for answers is something like how the various nebulae interact with each in the vastness of space .. or it is something akin to the bubbles generated in a glass of champagne. Each particle of either of the aforesaid seem to be always in search of position or destiny or both and even though their movements in their quest seem to be random, there is always underlying purpose so maybe the answers that we seek are not the answers that our instinct for our survival needs and maybe the results of our quest for those answers are engineered for us by something deep within the essence of our real selves. I liked the method that American Inventor, Thomas Edison used for seeking answers … He took lengthy naps with a pad of writing paper and a writing instrument by his side and when inspiration came during his sleep period, he would jot the answers down. This technique seemed to work well for the great inventor. I am working on using the same techniques to discover winning number combinations in lottery games. I believe that our subconscious minds are a lot smarter than our conscious minds so we shall see. Your proposition in your post is intriguing.

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