My Life Right Now?

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First of all, if you were wondering why I didn’t like your posts when I typically do, here is why. In the last few weeks, I have been having this pain from wrist to thumb, which I ignored; having nerve damage in both hands, I’m used to pain. However, things took a turn on Wednesday because I couldn’t move my thumb without seeing stars.

So, my mum called my specialist because I had to work. They told her that if I was in that much pain, I should go to the ER, which is what I did. After 6 hours of sitting there, I asked my mum to go check for an update and thank God she did because they sort of got about me. When I finally got to see a doctor, they acted like I was wasting their time even when I told them I was sent here by my specialist.

They checked my hand, and you could tell I wasn’t pretending from my face. Mind I told them that if I weren’t starting to have mobility issues in the area, I wouldn’t have come. Anyway, after a few pokes here and there, they said that I have an inflamed tendon (thanks to blogging, I learnt how to spell tendon correctly) plus some nerves, which is why the pain is so bad.

So, apart from doing an online podcast meeting and watching border control, I couldn’t do much. The weird thing to me is that I have in my non-dominant hand, which I don’t use that much. So, I can’t understand what caused the inflammation happens from overuse, and I still have my doubts there, even if I’m not a doctor.

Speaking of the podcast, a few things made me roll my eyes. Honestly, depending on how people act on the day will indicate if I’m comfortable with posting it on here, and it all depends on respect for me and others like me and whether or not it will be posted in a place, I consider safe for my thoughts.

15 thoughts on “My Life Right Now?

  1. I know sometimes there will be pain in the non-dominant limb/area due to compensating or over-compensating when overusing the dominant limb. A few years ago, my dad and I were working on fixing the bell post I have in front of my house. I hurt my left shoulder, due to over-compensating for my sore right shoulder. I hope they gave you something to help with the pain and you feel better soon.

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