I Rather Be In Pain Than…

Image is from Pixabay

Since I have had Cerebral Palsy for as long as I can remember, I’m no stranger to pain, and I say I have a decent pain tolerance. I feel pretty vulnerable talking about the topic ahead but doing all the same in case you feel alone or ashamed like me. I feel lucky that my mum always took me to places like the dentist from a young age, so I didn’t develop a fear of them.

Due to the medicine I had to take. My baby teeth weren’t in the best of shape in Malta, and Gozo, a dentist, would come to school and check everybody’s teeth, and they would give you a slip if more treatment is needed. I used to pray will all my soul that I didn’t get that paper because I was ashamed. The days they came in felt like torture to my younger self.

Weirdly It was the first it came close to being reused; treatment was the day I went in as an emergency. The receptionist wouldn’t let me in because they didn’t change their records, so they had my deadname on file, which didn’t match my id. When she lets me in, everyone stared and asked questions. Mind you, the hospital in Gozo was my last resort. I had looked for a private clinic for weeks, but none of them were accessible for my chair.

This episode happened a few years. Now in the last few months, one side of my mouth has been hurting, but I rather am in pain than deal with judgement. I’m sharing my story, so maybe the next time you feel like saying something, you will think about it before.



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