Thoughts On Transition

Image is from Pixabay

I’m coming out and say it in this post; I might upset some people without wanting to, yet if I don’t let it out, it will do the rounds in my head, which bothers me. So, it’s a case of you lose if you do, and you lose if you don’t. At least that’s how I have been feeling, carrying these thoughts around when people ask how can you explain the disconnect between the body and the mind.

The answer of having a female body and a male or vice versa doesn’t fit to me. There indeed is a broad spectrum when it comes to gender, yet you have one body. Take two magnets; if you put them both on the north side, they will never attract, but if you change one side to the south, they will.

Trying to have that connection is the sole reason why transgender people transition. Some find it with hormones; some need surgery, and others need both. Personally, I’m in the last category; while hormones helped me a lot, I’m still not where I want to be. It’s the first time that, financially, I was ready to go, thanks to my mum. Sadly, my Cerebral Palsy had other plans. I think these thoughts came up again because this month last year, I had my top surgery consultation, and I haven’t skipped that hurdle yet.



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