Reading Blog #11

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Coming from a small island and living the minority in an even smaller minority, it’s not the first time I felt I don’t belong. When I found the book community, it was like candy land. Then, I came out, and for the first year, I thought that reading romance would make them think that I was still female, so I read nothing but thrillers for a while. I do like thrillers and mysteries; however, I also like romance just as much, if not slightly more.

Lucky, during the first round of Readathin (which, by the way, will hopefully return next month), I discussed with some people, which helped me to understand that my reading taste doesn’t depend on gender. As I said in my last blog, I’m trying to read stuff from my kindle, and I’m on the 6th novel, and it’s just the 8th. So, fingers crossed, I hope to read about 20 by the end of the month.

I started reading Delivered Fast (Portland Heat #3) by Annabeth Albert in June while I was waiting to start my shift. Anyway, I did like Chris and Lance as a couple. However, I didn’t get the need for the age-gap trope here; and age doesn’t dictate maturity, and both characters sounded pretty mature to me.

Then I read The Buy-In (Graham Brothers #1) by Emma St. Clair, and everything began when Pat’s dad brought Lydia’s small town with a custody battle in the mix. The two went from fake dating to lovers. I was curious how the father bought the town, but we weren’t told, or I missed it. The next read was Gray Hair Don’t Care (Never Too Late #1) by Karen Booth. Probably, was the one I was most excited  Sadly, I was close to DNF it. Something I learnt about myself this week was that some days I can handle sex scenes, and sometimes I can’t. Nonetheless, as a whole, it was a good week.



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