Reading Blog #10

Image is from Pixabay

It’s the start of summer, so I should be with my legs up at the beach with a book, right? Well, instead, I go to work and feel like a mashed potato since Malta has been dealing with a week-long heatwave. So, sleeping is taking over reading a bit. Luckily I still managed a few, so here are my thoughts on them.

In Her Royal Happiness by Lola Keeley, we meet Princess Alice, who is a lesbian, and I won’t lie: The first thought that came to mind was how would the real royals react? Personally, I never heard anyone from the royal family talk about LGBT+ issues. However, based on their reaction when Megan came into the family, I don’t think they would be too happy about it. There was an excellent conversion about autism and the labels we put on disability in general.

I think The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes hit so close to home because the mental health issues we see here are directly related to being queer and lack of acceptance which is something I experienced. It was heartbreaking to see Yamilet putting all that guilt on herself. From reading this debut novel, I can see that this author will be writing some fabulous reads.



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