Next Month Poetry Month Or No?

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Hey, sorry to bother you once again today, but I somewhat have an idea of what I want to post. However, next month is up in the air; I can either do poetry month, which I love, and it’s a break from the usual blogging and a sort of a break for me.

On the other hand, the last time I did poetry month, my stats suffered, and no matter how much I told myself it doesn’t matter, the doubt was there. I’m the king of self-doubt when it comes to writing.

Writing is pretty personal to me; it’s my way of expression, so when it isn’t that liked, it affects me. I get that this might sound childish to some, but I’m just being honest. Some collaborations would be cool, so yea kindly leave your thoughts in the comments?



8 thoughts on “Next Month Poetry Month Or No?

  1. Your voice is always needed. Even though not many likes happen, it will serve whom it is meant to serve. I say express yourself it is undoubtedly helping those who are in a situation and nor able to comment. I hope this helps. A lot of us out here experience these same thoughts.

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  2. A LOT of people don’t like poetry because they think it’s like the OLD poetry, and I don’t like that either. But they don’t read it, not realizing that the new poetry is fresh, and RELEVANT. If you want your stats to stay the same then skip poetry. People just slide right over it. They are just sure they won’t like it and it’s meaningless. It’s not, but seriously, a lot of people think it is. It’s their loss, but school makes them hate it when they’re young.

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  3. I say you should do poetry month! Cause as you said- you enjoyed it. And it doesn’t matter how many people are reading or not reading it as long as you are doing what you wanna do. And to be honest- I read your poetry more than your other posts!

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  4. Poetry is important. School isn’t doing anything to rekindle the love for it. But times are changing. The instapoets make the whole genre accessible for large crowds now. Don’t care about your stats, some fluctuation is normal. Consider also your not writing for a very large audience. If you want fame you better try Instagram.

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