Some Maltese Music

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As I said many times before, I started writing as a need to let go of the stuff I couldn’t vocalise. My writing was as close to perfection as I thought. If you take a look at my poetry collection in Dear Life, you will see that it rhymed and what I consider as structured. So, a friend who was a singer back then asked me to write lyrics for a song.

However, I was never successful at it. The same thing happens to me when I try to write in Maltese. So, for the longest time, I was not too fond of anything in Maltese just because I sometimes can’t fully understand it. The fact that some of my teachers shamed me about it didn’t help. Maltese singers needed a boost during the pandemic, and the festival Mużika Mużika was born.

 After hearing some of the songs that competed in the two editions with the talent that came out, I was impressed. I do want to share some of my personal favourites, and yes, I get that you are most likely not to understand the words since they are in Maltese. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the music since an orchestra accompanies the singers.

2022 Winner
2021 Winner



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