Reading Blog #9

Image is from Pixabay

So, here is the truth, I completely forgot that we are heading into the month of June until it hit me right in the face. So, saying I was unprepared for pride is an understatement. Just to give you an idea, I had 40+ novels on my kindle that I had to put on pause since it was a themed TBR. I’m just glad I somehow pulled it off.

Let’s talk about what I read for this week. First off, we have Jay’s Gay Agenda by Jason June; I found Jay came through as relatable to me even if this book is marketed as YA, which isn’t targeted towards my age. I guess I haven’t outgrown YA yet, and believe me, I will enjoy it until it lasts. I had no idea that Anita Kelly, the author who wrote Love & Other Disasters, which is still in my favourites, reads of 2022 list.

So, you can imagine how excited I got when I found the Moonlighters Series. I wasn’t surprised that I fell in love with Sam and Lily as I did with London and Dahlia since Anita writes the most remarkable characters  I have read in a while. As I said in my post on Friday, I couldn’t form my thoughts until I finished it. I have some things to say.

It tucked at my heart when Jane started talking about LGBT+ history and what generations of people went through for the rights I have today. Another thing I loved was the chemistry between August and Jane. I feel so bad because I forgot the name of the trans side character, but I want to be their friend.



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