Fast Food Chains Yes or No?

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I’m not a fan of fast-food chains, and rightly so. With my mum being an ex-chef and with my sister giving her a good game when it comes to trying new recipes, it’s no wonder I would pick a home-cooked meal hand down. Another reason why we try to limit fast food as a family is we all have health issues and needs.

Another essential factor in my case is how accessible the place is. If I go anywhere and find it inaccessible, it’s more likely that I wouldn’t go back to that business. Don’t quote me on this, but in Malta, we have the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability), 2000 ACT. The act states that places should be accessible. However, if you are like me, a wheelchair user living here, you know that this isn’t the case.

We have a McDonald’s in every town in Malta and even one in Gozo but only a few in specific locations when it comes to Burger King. In the past, the McDonald’s menu had the shrimp or tuna salad, which I used to enjoy as a Pescetarian. In my mind, it was healthier than the fish fingers or the Filet-O-Fish, although I don’t know for sure. The salads were discontinued, and you can no longer order them.

In the last two months, I have been able to eat at Burger King twice. I tasted both the PLANT BASED WHOPPER and PLANT-BASED NUGGETS. I have to say I liked both, but from the taste and texture point of view, I found the whopper slightly better. Plus, the tables were high enough so my chair could go under, which is a rare treat for me. Another thing I noticed was that they didn’t give us tissues or straws, which might be to be more environmentally friendly, or they forgot to.



13 thoughts on “Fast Food Chains Yes or No?

  1. Had a burger king recently, then again two weeks afterwards. The sugar is addictive, and with addictions it is hard to break out of that highly rewarding cycle. Especially someone with Attention Deficit where we are always looking for a ‘healthy’/sustainable dopamine high. The trips reminded me of my difficult relationship with food and I wouldn’t plan to go back if I could help it. (Easier said than done).

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      1. Compartmentalising goals is a whole different topic. My goodness. Get someone with Attention deficit to write the book – scratch that – post a video on that, I’d be keen. 🙂

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