Murder on the Malta Express: Who Killed Daphne Caruana Galizia?by Carlo Bonini

Whether good or bad, I have never been politically biased toward either party, which made me a bit of a black sheep to some family members. I tried to work with parties in government in hopes of better disability rights, with some simply laughing in my face. Being I’m Maltese and live in Malta, whether I want to or not, I hear bits and pieces of local news, including politics.

I remember the day a car bomb murdered Daphne Caruana Galizia because my chair stopped working, and I was stuck. I never thought that her murder would affect me the way it did. Daphne was a journalist and blogger like you and me, which put her in the line of fire, and she paid the price with her life in the end.

The Maltese economy got boasted by selling Maltese passports to the richest of the rich. My issue with this is how loose the laws can become when money is in the middle, even if that money helped to keep Malta’s economy afloat during the pandemic. However, the issue that ticks me the most is the environment.

This book was published in 2019, and it touched on the topic of allowing constriction on green areas. And I can tell you that if we thought the situation was terrible in 2019, I don’t know what word to use now. It’s scary to post this review or my thoughts more like it. I don’t feel comfortable giving a rating to this book which is a first for me.



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