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Oh Gosh, I don’t know where April went. As most of you know, I reached a blogging goal this month of 2k followers. Do you know what’s interesting? That post has the most likes I have ever gotten on a post which is mind-blowing to me. If you want to know who the winner is, you will see the name below.

I haven’t had a 5-star book this month, but I had novels that came close, like All That’s Left in the World by Erik J. Brown, Playing for Love by Jeevani Charika and Engaging Mr Darcy (An Austen Inspired Romantic Comedy #1) by Rachel John among a few others. I’m hoping between this and next, I will finish the Murder in the Mix Series, most books in the series, and still looking for the last few. I’m also slowly reading North to Paradise by Ousman Umar on my phone, and sure it will be highly rated by me.

Hopefully, this doesn’t sound like I’m moaning, but I’m dealing with a bit of burnout. I still don’t know where I’m going to live, which is stressful. I’m taking part in Readathin next month. If it is the 22nd of April and I haven’t planned my TBR or made the announcement post, hopefully, it is before this one. I want to apologize for not liking Instagram photos; I’m so off my game that I don’t know how to catch up. Next month I will be doing poetry month so that I can take it easier on myself, and now the giveaway winner:

Whimsically Meghan



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