Dating And Everything In Between Part 2

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I think I should title this post. I’m 26, and I don’t know a thing about dating. In fact, if you are a co-worker or family and I haven’t shared my thoughts about this topic, I would prefer you don’t read this one. While I respect everyone’s thoughts and beliefs, some things have been on my mind, and I never had the courage due to the fear of being too frank.

I started this post like yesterday because even if that post didn’t turn out how I thought it would. I decided to speak about this topic because I’m tired of the stigma around people with disabilities and our sexual lives. Sadly, I think that the roman catholic religion has something to do with it, which is why I think this.

We had countless conversations about no sex before marriage passing as sexual health education. The issue I find with how I was taught is the lack of information about protection. Being told that I could never be loved because I’m a wheelchair user and with my dysphoria and gender issues, I felt I was a monster.

However, all I thought about back then was how I could prove my family wrong. So, I tried to date every guy I could, no matter how much I let myself be used. While numbing and burying the pain, I felt because I was made to believe I wasn’t valid. After therapy, I was able to heal. I aimed to write about the most private part of life to help maybe break the stigma and loneliness around this subject.



One thought on “Dating And Everything In Between Part 2

  1. Our time now is different. People are more understanding and open minded than before. Your still young, time will come, you will find the one to love you as you are. I’m rooting for you! 👋🏻❤️💪🏻🙏🏻

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