Dating And Everything In Between Part 1

Image is from Pixabay

I think I should title this post. I’m 26, and I don’t know a thing about dating. In fact, if you are a co-worker or family and I haven’t shared my thoughts about this topic, I would prefer you don’t read this one. While I respect everyone’s thoughts and beliefs, some things have been on my mind, and I never had the courage due to the fear of being too frank.

A lesson I remember like it happened yesterday from catechism or Sunday school as some might know it, even if it happened 20 plus years ago. The teacher told us to bring a doll. That doll was the only one I had, and my three-year self-carried it for the three months of my hospital stay. I connected with it because it has bent legs like mine, but that is a story for another day.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about, the teacher paired us into a female and male pair, and we re-enacted a baptism. I remember feeling anxious, and something felt out of place for some unknown reason to me back then. I think that day had such an impact on my memory and, later on, my dating life because it was the first time I was told the idea that there could be only love between a female and a male. Burying in me that seed of self-hate.



5 thoughts on “Dating And Everything In Between Part 1

  1. Isn’t it something, when someone does something to impact us so greatly so unknowingly? Too often it’s like this where the impact has a negative effect. I’m so sorry for that. We have those impacts too. Every day. Your blog impacts others in the opposite way. Remember that.


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