Top Ten Tuesday/ Bookish Etsy

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April 19: Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own

As a teen, when I didn’t have access to ebooks, I was definitely team bookmarks of all kinds, including forks and receipts, depending on where I was. The only bookish thing I ever bought apart from the book themselves was bookmarks. In all honesty, I would buy the stuff I picked today for a friend than for myself. Personally, I rather buy more books than merch I might never use.

  1. Bookstagram Bundle

I think it can be helpful as inspiration and help you create your idea.

Esty Link Here

2. Blind Date with a Used Book

One day I want to try this because it looks so fun. On another note, I looked at the genres, and there is an LGBT+ section.

Esty Link Here

3. Reading Sweatshirt Book 

Esty Link Here

4.TBR CARDS – pick your next read!

Esty Link Here

5. Kindle Paperwhite Case with Luxury Faux Leather Classic Book Cover

Esty Link Here

6. Bookish Phone Case Book Lover

Esty Link Here

7. Heartstopper Bookmark, Alice Oseman

Esty Link Here

8. My Weekend is Booked Fuzzy Throw Blanket

Esty Link Here

9. Book Tropes Reading Tote Bag

Esty Link Here

10. Personalised Book Lover’s Mug

Esty Link Here

I think I did not do too bad for the first time on Esty.



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