Out Of Sight VS I Am What I Am

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I’m not particularly a fan of the Eurovision, the reason being there is always some politics on who the winner will be. A few years ago, my friend asked me if I would write a song for the Eurosong, keeping in mind that my writing was more lyrical back then. As soon as people heard that Emma would enter the Maltese Eurovision, they assumed that she would be the winner without listening to the song.

The first time I heard Emma Muscat’s name was on the radio when they said that a Maltese would be trying to enter Amici. (Amici is a show within a school for singers and dancers). Anyway, I was 5 when the first season aired, and I remember watching it with mum every Sunday to the point where it became a tradition for us. Many famous came out of that school, like Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone. I think it has a bit to do with why she was picked to represent Malta.

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It won’t be me if I don’t talk about the lyrics of Out Of Sight and I Am What I Am. Out Of Sight is the some she won with. Last week we found that she spoke to her team, and the song was changed to I Am What I Am. I agree and disagree with the decision, and I agree because Out Of Sight wasn’t doing that fantastic on the local radios, or at least I didn’t hear it as much as I listen to I Am What I Am on the radio. I disagree because Out Of Sight is the song that the Maltese voted for to represent them.

Word-wise, I find Out Of Sight is more personal to Emma’s life; the words to me felt like a retelling. While I Am What I Am is more generic and something we heard before. So, in other words, I think we have better chances with I Am What I Am. However, I think it is something that makes it unique, at least lyrics wise, in my opinion. Heads up, these are just my thoughts and opinions with no hate whatsoever. I adore and respect Emma as an artist.



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