Employment And Disability: The Start

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As soon as I was done with Junior College at 18, I started looking for employment and yes, even if it had been eight years, I remember the first interview as it happened yesterday. I went to countless interviews, some of which I couldn’t even enter the place to get interviewed since it wasn’t wheelchair user friendly even if I stated that I’m a wheelchair user in every cover letter I sent, and I did send with all the resumes I sent.

 From experience, I know that they are rarely given any attention. However, if I were to apply for a job now, I would still send a cover letter, just in case. I asked job coaches whether or not I should let them know about my disability in the cover letter. What they said, and I agree that it rolls to personal preference.

Personally, I like to let whoever is reading my CV know for two reasons accessibility, as in when it comes to the place where the meeting/interview will take place might need to be changed in my case. The other reason is that I’m not ashamed of my disability, and since I have a physical disability, there aren’t many ways I can hide if I want. The tip that I use when it comes to limitations is to see them one by one because seeing them at once can become overwhelming.



3 thoughts on “Employment And Disability: The Start

  1. Alex, thanks for sharing this post. My brother is disabled and I take him to all of his doctor appointments. I am amazed at the number of medical facilities that are not wheelchair accessible. The front door might have a ramp, but moving around inside is often very challenging. Often times the bathrooms are not even big enough for his wheelchair. I have finally learned to ask when I am scheduling appointments if the offices are large enough. I can imagine your challenge with job interviews and just navigating life. Best of luck to you.

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