February Wrap Up 2022

It’s About Letting You In

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

New Bookstagram!

The Bookstore Last Day

The Girl In The Woods

A Thank You To Authors

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In February, I had a few highs I would like to share, and yea, just a head up, today is the 12th, so if more stuff, I will add to this. Yesterday I started a bookstagram, and I feel good about it. For me, it is not about the followers and likes. I simply love books in my heart and want to share a thought or two with others. It’s nowhere so pretty as many of my friend’s accounts are or as perfect, but you know what? I like it because I get to learn from my own mistakes.

Addison Moore, who is one of my favourite authors, had a sale of the first ten books from the Murder in the Mix series, which has over 40 books right now, and I only read like 3. So, yes, I have nine more books to read since I read Macaron Massacre, which is 10 in the series. By the way, I think I lost my mind.

I have 31 novels on my TBR and hope to read them by the end of the month. The plan after that is to read your recommendations and share my thoughts with you. Not sure if I said this on the blog, but I have seen the new place, and it looks accessible. On top of that, I’m hoping to get a start on a writing project that has been on my mind for months now. By the way, I need more recommendations, so drop me below, please.



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