A Dog Named Joy

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Writing Prompt: Lost Dog Source

The family dog has been missing for weeks, and everyone is devastated (except that one family member, of course). Suddenly, the dog returns, showing up out of nowhere. (Most of) the family rejoices. But as time goes by, it becomes clear that something isn’t quite right with the beloved canine companion…

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I was just a few months old when my mum gave me” the pup talk.” she said, gather around my pups, I have something important to tell you.

She said,” In a few days you’ll get your own, human to protect and love while they’ll care for you and hopefully love you back.”

A few days later, I hear giggles, laughter and wheels and that got me a bit confused, so I pointed my ears and started turning my head in all directions, to try and hear better what’s going on.

” Luca, this is Bella, my dog and these are her puppies”.

Luca turned to his mum and asked her” why are we here?”.

She smiled at him and said,” today we are here so you can choose your new best friend.” “So, which one do you want?”

I went by the door gate since I wanted to sit in the boy’s lab.

” How about the black and white, one with the purple collar?”

My mum’s human picked me up and handed me on Luca’s lap and curled and lay there because I could feel that I just found my human and I could find that Luca was glowing with happiness.

” Does she have a name?” ”no, you need to give her one.”

Mmm, let me think, oh I’ve got one, how about Joy, Luca that’s perfect! Luca lower this face in my fur and whispered in my ear.” Your name is Joy, little one.”

I slept on his lap all the way home.

Welcome home Joy!

I peeked, I wanted to go explore my new home, but I didn’t want to leave Luca’s side, so I didn’t move till he told me I could. We ate dinner Luca’s mum helped him to get ready for bed after she put me in my crate where my dog bed and food and water bowls were. However, so I quickly began missing my human, so I started to moan and cry. After a few hours, mum came for me and took me to Luca, and he started petting me, and I laid my head on Luca’s chest and went to sleep hearing his heartbeat knowing that my human is safe and happy I could sleep peacefully.

A couple of years passed, and I taught a few tricks so I can help Luca.

“Joy can bring my pill bottle?” so I grabbed it in my mouth and took it to him cause Luca’s a wheelchair user, so I was trained to help him.

“Honey, I’m home, and Ray came too” oh no, here we go again. Ray is mum’s new boyfriend, and he doesn’t like me.

“Liz, I thought you got rid of that BEAST” he shouted. “Ray how many times will I have to tell you that Joy is Luca’s therapy dog so I can’t get ‘rid’ of her that easy” “Okay, then I’m leaving and don’t call me ever again” WAIT! “I’ll go put her in the outdoor kennel, so she won’t bother.” Luca didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to see his mum sad and alone.

In the middle of the night, I heard steps it was Ray opening my kennel door. “Come on, bitch I’m taking you to my man Dave, and you won’t be so brave then.”

I tried to fight not to get inside the car but, Ray was too strong for me, so I had to give up. When we got there, Ray’s friend asked him how much he wants for me.

Ray said, “I just want to get rid of her”. He just threw me out of the window and drove off. After an unknown man grabbed me by my collar and threw me in a cage. The next time I see another human is when I had to kill another dog in a fighting ring. In the hopes that one day, I’ll see my Luca again.



6 thoughts on “A Dog Named Joy

  1. Amazing story Alex! Nearly puts you in tears for poor Joy! I think you need to do a part two, am dying to know what happens next. Love how you don’t fully show who the person(well puppy haha) narrating the story is at the start. Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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