Readathin Announcement and Plans

Yay! Finally, another round of Readathin is around the corner, and I have high hopes for my TRB since I keep adding to it, and it is stressing me out even if I have read about 40 books already this year.

What is Readathin?

The goal is to read as many as you can during the month. The challenges are more of a guide to help choose which books to pick. It started in 2017 by  Amanda from MANDA THE BIBLEO, then Donna from Momsbookcollection joined in as a host. This readathon is a month-long, and it takes place in February, May, August, and November every year.


Red or pink on cover – A cover that has a hint or alot of red or pink.

Love Without Limits (The Pink Bean, #7)

Take a self care day – Have a bath, hot shower, nap. Anything that you wanna call self care day for you then do it. (post a photo on our twitter)

Not sure what I’m doing yet here.

Read the Buddy Read book – There are three buddy read books you can choose from, anyone of these books will go for the buddy read bingo prompt.

The Love Hypothesis (Love Hypothesis, #1)

Reorganize a shelf (physical or online) – redo your shelves online like goodreads or storygraph or even your google sheets or notion but also your physical shelves. (post a photo on our twitter)

This year I checked an excel sheet that I could arrange.

A romance novel – Any book that has romance as the genre on it.

Read Between the Lines

Watch a movie or t.v. show – Pick a movie or t.v. show and watch it any time this month can even do it more then once. (post a photo of the movie/t.v. show on our twitter)

Good, now I have the excuse to watch an episode or two.

Read a book toward one of your yearly goals – If have joined in the buzzwordathon, popsugar or any other challenges that are year round or if you just made your own yearly challenge goal for a book read that.

Everything Between Us (The Pink Bean, #3)

Date night with your partner or by yourself – Of course this is easy to figure out plan a night for yourself or you and your partner

I haven’t had a partner in a long time, so just me it is.

Title begins with F – Choose a title with the letter F (examples: Fable, The Favorite Daughter)

For the Love of Scott (A Ten Rigs Texas Tale, #1)

Write 5 things you love about yourself – Just grab a paper, book anything you wanna write these on.

Three word title – Any book that has 3 words as a title (example: Ace of Spades, Jade Fire Gold)

The Christmas Mansion

Do something creative – Draw, Paint, Knit, Diamond painting anything you do that is creative do!

It would be a good idea to start planning my next book.

Get cozy and read for 30 Mins – Grab a blanket, pillows, a book or just your favorite chair or spot and read for 30 mins.

Read a book with little to no romance – A book with barley any romance in it (example: Wilder girls or Six of Crows)

Amina's Voice

Watch & Comment on a new booktube channel – Let’s support some booktube channels (if you do not watch booktube, maybe tiktok or twitter or even instagram commenting)

I have some BookTube videos I still have to watch.

Under 280 pages – Any book under 280 pages (example: Wayward children series, the outsiders)

Swimmer Boy (Fairmont Boys, #1)

Unhaul some books! – While you organize your shelves you can also unhaul some books… you can unhaul 1, 5 or more books.

Book that’s in a series – Any book could be first, second, fourth even tenth!

Amina's Song

Make yourself a tea, coffee or any other drink – Do you like coffee, tea or water anything you like to drink make it.

Couple on the cover – Choose a book with a couple on the cover. (example: the love hypothesis, the brown sisters)

Clean/Declutter one area of your home – Do you need to clean or declutter a spot in your house? here is your chance to get it done.

Forgotten on your shelf or eReader – Have you forgotten a book you have bought years ago? read it… did you get a book on your ereader or request a book and have not read it yet? read it.


Do something kind – Help someone out? can be anything even a kind word.

Published in the month you were born – What month were you born in? read a book from that month. (example i was born in december: The Last She, A History of Wild Places)

Fiona and Jane

Buddy Reads:

Readathin Buddy Read: Twitter

Manda’s Enchanted Woods: Twitch

More Books Please! Book Club: Twitch

There are three books you can buddy read, one is for readathin another is for Manda’s book club (Manda’s Enchanted Woods) and last is my book club (More Books Please! Book Club). You can use any one of these books to get a mark on the bingo board.

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