My Instagram Was Hacked!

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Hey Everyone,

Long story short, my Instagram got hacked. I used it because some of my online friends have only Instagram as a way to keep in connect. Yesterday, I received a message from my friend saying that she needed help with logging in. I found it weird, but I was like sure because she is my friend.

I asked where she was sending the link, and she said my phone. By now, hours passed, and I got even more confused since one, my friend didn’t have my number, and she didn’t ask me for it, and two, my friend never texted me in that harsh tone.

Somehow, I got a message with the link, so I sent it to her. The message was seen, so I asked her if it was, ok? The last text I got was waiting. So, this morning I went to log in to my Instagram to see if my friend had fixed her issue, and Instagram didn’t let me into my account. I let a few hours pass and tried again, but I still couldn’t log in, and when I tried on my phone, it showed me a blank account.

At this point, I asked my sister if she could log in to hers, and she said yes. So, I gave her my phone, and she told me that I had already guessed that I was hacked. The opinion I have left is to start a new one. I posted about this, hoping anyone knows how I can get my old account back. The only way I could reach my friend was through her blog, so fingers crossed she sees my comment.



6 thoughts on “My Instagram Was Hacked!

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think there is much you can do. You might be able to write to IG and let them know your account was hacked but from people who have gone through this before the odds are pretty slim. I am sorry you went through this… it’s a total invasion and is really upsetting even though it is only IG it can still feel very personal.

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