Why Alaska Marine Life So Happy

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Image is from Pixabay

Like many people, my life changed night and day from January 2020, when we got the first cases of COVID here. It became real to me when a family member passed away. Well, last week, someone I considered my friend blocked me because they got offended when I told them to please wear their mark properly since they told me they were sick. So, I needed to see the silver lining here when I remembered I had saved this article about whales that I think will help all of us cheer up.

Christine Gabriele, a researcher, was at her desk working at Glacier Bay National Park when she turned the volume of her computer—being that her PC is connected to a five-mile underwater cable that goes into the ice-cold waters of the bay. She was amazed when she heard gurgling and bubbling water sounds filling her office. Plus, on occasions, she also heard the hollow roar of a male harbour seal seeking to impress potential mates.

Due to the pandemic, the tourism at the bay looking for sea life, like the majestic humpback whales, came close to a stop. So, there wasn’t the disturbing noise of boats and cruise liners. The marine traffic from 2019 to 2020 decreased by about 40%, and it gave researchers a chance to have a closer look and those fascinating creatures some peace.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time that we, the humans, step back and respect environmental habits a bit more. While also keeping in mind that the use of single-use plastic increased due to the current situation. We all know if we don’t care for our earth, it won’t last forever.




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