My Queer Self and The Church

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I have been going up and down if I should even write this down. If you have been reading this blog or know me personally, you know I’m not too fond of giving my opinion on religion or politics. The way I see it is that everyone should believe and do whatever in their views of life is suitable to them as long as they don’t hurt or harm anyone.

Honestly, if the subject and the emotions weren’t making me sick to my stomach, I don’t think I would have written about this. Recently there was a case in the media of a priest preaching homophobia. Even hearing that this is still happening in 2022, I’m sitting here trying to cry. The church is one of the main reasons of why I felt like a monster for many years.

I was born and bred with religion and the church; my mum is an ex-nun, and two of my uncles were priests. We went to mass multiple days a week. As a kid, I was being told that God loves everyone apart from the people with my feelings. The thought of anyone seeing me as a monster made me bottle it up, and at times even not want to live.

With the bishop leaving, this priest, with nothing but a slap at hand and nothing more, continues to cause even pain to people like myself. At least I can say that I’m ok with who I am and who I have always been after years of therapy. Something I learnt is that whatever hurts you the most is the same thing that makes you stronger.



9 thoughts on “My Queer Self and The Church

  1. Hey there ☺️ I have to say that I do feel for you and that topic is something that is been talked about and also I’m trying to understand it as well as I am a Catholic and Christian. Look if you want a relationship with God to hell with what everyone is saying around you a realtionship with God is between you and God. No on knows why he created us the way he did and no one knows or fully understands the challenges that we all face on a daily basis (gays and straight). He looks at your heart. He looks at your soul that’s about it. The good deed you do for others and what others do to you. The is power in the unseen don’t you worry one day it will all be made clear to you and others. Love others as you love yourself. If you still want that realtionship with God go right ahead and have that realtionship because he’s waiting on you. You don’t even have to go to a building to meet God he is with you right now. Take it easy dear one and remember you are beloved

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  2. For all I know you could be an angel that was sent from heaven to spread more love and positive energy. When Jesus came he accepted and spoke to everyone. Even the prostitutes. So who are we to come and say that certain amount of people are not welcome into the chruch. That’s a man made rule that I don’t like

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  3. He’s wrong. He doesn’t know anything at all and he’s cruel and so is his god, if he’s supposedly telling you what he thinks he said. Look at the rapist priests, how holy are they and they’re EVERYWHERE. They’re just a bunch of guys trying to control other people. You don’t have to listen to any of them. Live your own life. Don’t listen to what other people say. That’s what scares them…thinking for yourself. Be brave.

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  4. This stuff definitely sucks, you’re right. Church abuses hurt so many people, and institutional cover-ups avoid justice. To be made to feel like a monster is horrible, and I don’t blame you for your feelings or reactions to that. Sometimes it’s impossible to separate church from God, the mortal from the eternal, and people will tend to pick a side: defend church and god/God, or hate both. How much better would institutionalized religions be, though, if the practitioners could better self-reflect and improve rather than fight to maintain a brutal status quo?

    This is a topic that touches my heart. I hope one day humans can fulfill their duties of justice, love, and mercy in this life and not merely depend on God to take care of it in the next.

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