How Green Is The Queen?

Queen Elizabeth Rides Horse on New Coin for Platinum Jubilee |
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I always wondered if the royals even care to have a green thumb? I mean it in a sense that even every day pays for gardeners to take care of the landscape and stuff. A few months ago, I saw this article about some changes that the queen made at the palace to make it more environmentally sustainable.

Royal Made Honey:

Did you know that the palace gardens are home to bees? They are four beehives, so yes, the queen has her own homemade honey. Plus, she also takes on some of the care for them. I don’t know if you knew, but it looks majesty; the queen is a fantastic beekeeper too!

The Funeral of The Duke:

It looks like the queen has our earth in mind even when she travels since she had several hybrid energy-efficient cars built, including the hearse that carried the duke to his final resting place.

No Longer Wear Real fur:

In her autobiography, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe, Angela Kelly, the person responsible for the queen’s wardrobe, shares that from 2019 the queen will no longer wear real fur. The author then reveals that her majesty went a step further by removing the fur on her favourite coats. However, it’s fair to note that she still has to make some use during her royal duties since clothing like her traditional ceremonial robes are made of it.

Two crowns, 3,000 gems, an 18ft robe… and a recycled dress: Queen Elizabeth  II looks regal alongside Prince Philip at her 60th State Opening of  Parliament | laurel blog

Other Things Worth Mentioning are:

  • She believes in slow fashion
  • She keeps an eye on the energy consumption
  • She encourages people to plant trees
  • In her gardens, wildlife is empowered

Something that caught my eye was something that Ian Lloyd (who’s a royal photographer and author) told The Independent this “The oft-quoted tales of her going around the palace(s) late at night turning off the lights are true. Having lived through the Depression and the Second World War, she has been aware of money-saving issues all her life.” This quote made me think that not only does she care for the planet, but at of the day, she’s human as you and I.




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