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It seems to have become a trend to blog with not much order to it, and I’m pretty nervous about posting a tag in the middle of the week because I have to work today and am worried that I will forget to tell the people I will tag to do this that I did tag them. I’m curious if anyone that’s the same problem when posting tags. I saw a few blogs I follow doing this, but the two I remember at the top of my head are  Kristen Kraves Books and The Book Dutchesses.   Heather at bookables was the original creator, and you can check out her video here.


 How many books are you planning to read in 2021?

Well, I tend always to put my Goodreads goal at 100 even if, on average, I read 6 to 8 books per week. Of course, being that I should start moving places, my aim is more like 4 to 6 books this month.

Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this past year but want to make a priority in 2021.

Pumpkin (Dumplin', #3)
Honey Girl
The Valley and the Flood
The Missus

So, Pumpkin by Julie Murphy is the latest release in the Dumplin’ Series and the only book I still haven’t read from this series. So far, I have been doing good in my 2022 books resolutions. I heard fantastic things about Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers, and I found The Missus by Natasha West and The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney while searching for 2021 LGBT+ releases.

What genre do you want to read more of?

If you haven’t noticed it by my book picks already, or I haven’t said enough times this week, one of my main focuses this year is LGBT+ books.

Name 3 not-related-to-book goals for 2021.

Hopefully, start to prepare for my next writing project.

Move to the new place and get settled.

Believe it or not, I’m 97 followers away from 2000 followers, so it would be nice to reach till 2023.

What’s a book you have had forever and are determined to read?

Secrets of the Sisterhood (The Cinderella Society #1 episode 1)

That would have to be one of the books I had on my kindle the longest, which is Secrets of the Sisterhood (The Cinderella Society #1 episode 1) by Kay Cassidy.

One word that you’re hoping 2022 will be.

Hope, Word, Letters, Scrabble, Gray Hope, Gray Letter

I picked the word hope because it’s what helps us to move forward.

I’m tagging:

Manda The Bibleo




9 thoughts on “New Year’s Book Tag

  1. For me , I’m trying to read more self development books. I’m introducing a mini book review section in my blog and I want to start with ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. 4-6 books is quite impressive , hoping you reach 2000 followers soon!

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