My Life In 2021!

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The main reason I have been postponing this post is that I don’t know where to start. So, I guess last January will have to do. I was unemployed and looking for a job. My family wanted me to find a job in Gozo at cost. While I knew it wasn’t a good idea, I was tired of fighting and being told that I didn’t want to work and being lazy.

So, I put my head down and went to an interview someone told me about. The interviewer wanted my mum to be in the room. I honestly hate when people ask me questions but want the answer from whoever is with me since it makes me voiceless. Gozo is small and close to everyone knows my family, so when my interviewer found out I’m trans, they went pale. My mum and I looked at each other, and we knew that I wouldn’t get the job.

However, like I always say, this is a silver lining to every cloud. Not only I got my current employment in February, but I had the time to finish Turning Paige. In March or so, I saw my endocrinologist, and he increased my testosterone dose since my liver was handling it okay. I stopped going to therapy because it was helping me as we hoped. Hormones helped immensely with my mental health, so I’m on a smaller dose of antidepression medication after talking to my psychiatrist.

I won’t lie; I still feared for my mental health, but I was fine apart from anxiety on Christmas eve. I saw my endocrinologist this December, and my cholesterol is pretty high. I didn’t know that you needed to wait for about 15 days after the shot before getting your blood drawn. So, I’m hoping that watching what I eat and getting my blood drawn on the right day will do the trick. I’m waiting for the publishing house or editor when it comes to my writing.



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