Bookish Resolutions 2022

Before I go into the bookish part of this post, the song I picked to start 2022 with is Rise by Calum Scott. It gives me good vibes, which is something that I want to take with me for 2022. If you take a look at my monthly wrap-ups, you might think I don’t have a pattern to my reading, but looking back, I kind of see one. I’m doing a bookish guideline to help me read wise and book-related posts based on my reading habits.

Finish the series I love:

Something I do too often is that even if I loved book one in a series, I don’t continue on the rest of the series.

Prioritize Queer books and Authors:

I’m disappointed that out of 690 books I read, only 37 were LGBT+. I typically try and read around 100, so clearly, I fault on that front. However, I think I know what happened. Since I need to move, I read every physical book I had, so I wouldn’t need to carry a lot of books with me. The issue with that is that none of them were queer. The problem that Maltese readers like me have is that in 99.9% of bookstores and libraries, there isn’t a queer section.

Write a weekly review:

I read about 4 to 6 books a week depending on the page number, telling myself that I would share my thoughts about them later on. However, that later on never comes.

Buying books:

99.9% of the books I buy are either LGBT+, and I’m unable to read them for free, or I’m buying a book for my sister. I feel super guilty when I buy books for myself. I did chat with my sister, and she made a good point that I work hard, and it’s healthy to reward myself too.

Spotlight Indie and New Authors:

As an author myself, I know how tedious self-publishing can be, especially when you are an indie author or when this is your debut novel without the backing of a publishing house.

I found a way to create a ‘reading journal’ even if I would love to physical reading journal writing by hand is painful for me. I made an excel sheet, so I’m able to add more data into my wrap-ups



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