Some Christmas Carols!

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A few days ago, I was waiting for time to pass until my shift would start when I heard Christmas carols coming from one of the flats. When this thought passed my head, what are those Christmas carols that each country have and some of the history behind them?

German: Leise Rieselt der Schnee:

The title translated to English as Softly Falls the Snow is a carol from a poem by Eduard Ebel in 1895. Even if it talks about the birth of christ Eduard Ebel was a Protestant pastor.

French: Petit Papa Noël

In English, it is called Little Father Christmas was performed the first time by Tino Rossi in the movie Destins in 1946. A Christmas lullaby well-loved by the Fenech to this day.

Spain: Los Peces en el Río

This one left me a bit confused, and you will understand why in a second. First of all, the English translation of the song is The Fish in the River. The composer of the tune is unknown, and not only that, and it compares a fish and the Virgin Mary could it get weirder? I guess it can because people come up with their own words and customise it like that.

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, so first of all, happy holidays; for the last few weeks, I have been struggling with blogging due to muscle pain. I have a ton of content planned in my mind but cannot focus and type. I won’t stop blogging because I love it, but the posts might be short like this one. Hopefully, later on, today I can post some free books, so stay tuned!



12 thoughts on “Some Christmas Carols!

  1. ‘ I won’t stop blogging because I love it’……bottom line that’s mainly why we do it….

    The fish in the river one is straight-forward. Little Baby Jesus was floating down the the river in his crib when a goldfish jumped as he floated by. BJ gave him a blessing and a wave. Said fish swam back to his friends “you won’t believe what just happened to me?”……Sorted

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