Freeible Fridays #30

Hey Everyone,
As you know, I have been trying this new thing for me where I tell you about a book I loved and share a free ebook link to that book if possible.
Why did I pick this novel?
During the month of December, I try to read novels that Christmas in the title. I’m sure if I remember correctly, but back in 2015 or 2016, I got many Christmas books, and I haven’t read all of them yet. I just looked, and I have about 68 books I can read from this month, so I’m picking books at random, one of which was this one. I chose it simply because I liked Darcy, the main character.

First Lines:

The sun’s rays splashed across the horizon, sending bright lights through the blinds. Her heavy eyelids began to open. Thanks to a rough night with barely enough hours of sleep, Darcey fought the urge to call in sick.

Darcey groaned and quietly begged God to stop time just so she could get a few more hours of sleep. But, on cue, the blaring sound of her alarm clock woke her up from slumber.

Open photo
Be Mine This Christmas: Darcey's Story (Lovers in London Book 1)

Goodreads Blurb:

Meet Darcey Vaughn–no husband, no children and no proper job, the female version of her generation’s Peter Pan. At thirty, Darcey has a dead end job and her last boyfriend recently left her for a Russian Barbie doll. But despite her romance and career woes, she’s honest, holds on to an irrepressible spirit and is one very loyal friend.

And things are about to change for Miss Vaughn. Weeks before Christmas, Darcey finds herself caught up in a love triangle of a lifetime involving, not just one but, three handsome gentlemen.

Meet Dimitri, the hot Greek superhero with all the right trimmings. But there’s also something elusive about her neighborhood Superman. Is he the one she’s been waiting for? Will he prove that love is better with the boy-next-door? Or perhaps she wasn’t cut to be his Lois Lane?

Then there’s Nicholas, a sexy chef who happens to be second in line to an Earldom. He’s charming and can whip up a mean soufflé, except he has list of girlfriends as long as our heroine’s list of angst. With him showing her attention, can love be on the menu? Or is friendship the only thing they’re having for afternoon tea?

And of course let’s not forget Nathan Cromwell, handsome with eyes that peer in your soul. He’s charismatic and a successful executive who happens to spill coffee on Darcey while insulting her at their very first meeting. Will their meet-cute sizzle into a deep romance? Or is theirs an alliance that will lead to a broken heart this Christmas?

With Christmas coming up, and with the help of Santa and mistletoe, find out if Darcey will get her wish. Is she naughty or nice? Will she find herself all grown up with a dream job and the man of her dreams? Who will wrap Darcey in his arms this Christmas and utter the words ‘Be mine this Christmas’?

This book will have you rooting for the right hero while whisking you away to the most romantic places in London. From five-star hotels that serve delicate fashion-inspired afternoon teas to charming soirees in the quaint English countryside, you’ll fall in love this Christmas while taking a trip with Darcey around the most artistic and historic city in the world!

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