Rainy Day Book Tag

This weekend has been graced with rain showers here in Malta, so when I saw this tag on The Book Dutchesses, I thought it was the perfect time to do the rainy day book tag. I found the original creator, who is That Bookie. Although, now that I look at the questions, they aren’t the same. I decided to do the original version.

Rain: Pick a book that makes you cry every time you read it

Book Cover

Since I started hormones, tears have been harder to come by, but I did tear up when I read this book and finally watched the movie. By the way, I just noticed that Holding the Man by Timothy Conigrave was first published a few months before I was born.

Puddle: Pick a book where the world is underwater or mostly around water

Book Cover

Ripples & Waves by L.A. Witt is a male/male retelling of The Little Mermaid and one of the best retellings I have ever read.

Rain boots: Pick a book with a character with a damned SOLE (soul)

Book Cover

I think my answer is the villagers from The House in the Cerulean Sea since they couldn’t respect being different from them, which sadly can be typical of us humans since the unknown tends to scare us.

Umbrella: Pick a book that was big and comforting

Book Cover

You Don’t Live Here is just 368 pages, so not an enormous novel ever, but the writing felt honest and genuine, which was comforting to me.

Rainy day movie: Pick a book that was turned into a movie that you love to watch on rainy days

Book Cover

The perfect family movie with life lessons woven in.

Coffee: Pick a book that you couldn’t get enough of the HOT and STEAMY romance

Book Cover

I won’t lie; the average steamy novel tends to bother me, but I can handle it the way Declan Rhodes writes it.

Poncho: Pick a book with a main character who has an amazing best friend.

Book Cover

The women living with Cilka were just special.

Gutters: Pick a book where the world is dirty and grimy in the way that you would imagine it

Book Cover

I might be just me, but every time I read a book by Dan Brown, he sucks me into his world.

Cuddly pet: Pick a book that had out of this world or very enjoyable animals in it.

Book Cover

Bella is an awesome dog, and she reminds me of Abby and Snow.

Sweet treat: Pick a book That had the sweetest ending.

Book Cover

It has one sweet ending.



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