The Novel Living On My Laptop Part 1

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Whilst I always wrote or at least tried but this was kept a secret. I didn’t trust that the words in my head would make any sense on paper. Before I started this blog, it took me about a year of going up and down with the idea. As I said in the past, my psychologist gave me the push I needed making it part of my therapy.

I tried talking my feelings out but voicing what I was feeling was hard for me for two reasons, 1 I had a ton of dysphoria about my voice and 2 I couldn’t find the words to explain what I was experiencing to someone who only studied but never felt it. She suggested that I pick a topic I love and write about it. It’s no secret that I love books hence where my blog name came from. I promised myself that I would give blogging a go for one year.

I guess you know by now that it worked. I made friends, dealt with my anxiety, and my passion for writing came back. Near the end of 2019, I was pretty unhappy at my job, so I needed something to distract myself. Once I had a storyline, I had to figure how I wanted to write this thing. Poetry is my go-to format, and reading a few novels in verse and loved them. I said, why not give it a try. I told my idea to my friend, a better writer than me, and he encouraged it, and that is how Turning Paige came along.



4 thoughts on “The Novel Living On My Laptop Part 1

    1. So thankful for that comment! In the last months my stats have been getting lower and I was starting to feel Blogging isn’t a place where I can belong

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  1. Turning Paige is a great title, very clever 🙂
    My stats have gone down too lately, maybe it’s just the world adjusting a bit at the moment, as places open up and people get away from screens a bit. I’m hardly reading anything at all lately, other than have-to work stuff.
    Hang in there. I love your poetry posts best too.

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