Top Surgery Consultation Part 2

Top view of yellow medical stethoscope placed on white surface during coronavirus pandemic
Image is from Pexels

Here is part 2 of how my top surgery consultation went. In a way, the issue with my mobility affected my transition, which I won’t lie it made it harder on me and my mental health. If you ever dealt with body dysphoria, you know that it isn’t a fantastic emotion to have. Personally, it used to get worse whenever I’m touched in the area I’m dysphoric about. If you ever wore a binder, you know how tight it needs to be to compress somewhat. On top of that, I’m large chested and even with a binder on, I’m not flat.

There is a reason I’m telling up this which I’m coming to. I never leave my house without one on, or I’m risking an anxiety attack. However, due to covid restrictions, only the patient can go in to see the doctor, which gave me no choice but to go binderless. So the day started off with unnecessary anxiety. Luckily after I explained, they allowed mum in with me.

With how long my medical history is, I’m scared to miss something since the private clinic doesn’t have my files. Sadly as soon as I explained my condition, the surgeon put his hands down and told me my case couldn’t be done privately. I’m at higher risk for complications, and if those arise, he doesn’t have the right equipment.

He still looked at my chest and told me how the surgery would be done. The silver lining is that the same surgery works at Mater Dei. The issue now is that the waiting list is years long, and due to covid restrictions, they are only doing emergency plastic surgeries, and mine isn’t considered an emergency.



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