September Book Haul 2021

The best way I can describe this month and last month’s kindle book haul is judged by the cover. I got them because I liked the cover apart from one of them. By the way, if I don’t know anything about these books, which will be the case a lot in this post, I will add the Goodreads blurb, so at least you can read about them. In July, I read many ebooks, so I allowed myself to get some free books.

Four Last First Dates (Cozy Cottage Café, #4)

Goodreads Blurb:

What do you do when you’ve agreed to a pact with your friends to get married, but neither you nor the guy in your sights is quite ready to fall in love?

Bailey De Luca is the last of her friends to complete the Last First Date pact–to marry the next guy she dates. But lady luck must be in a bad mood because so far, it’s all come to nothing.

Everywhere she looks people are in love. Everyone except her. Is she fundamentally unlovable? Or is it that she’s already found–and lost–The One? Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: Bailey never expected to be alone at thirty.

When one of her friends announces her engagement with a rock that could eclipse the sun, Bailey throws herself into a new business. Starting up Cozy Cottage Catering seems like the perfect way to bury her head in the sand. But fate has other ideas, and soon Bailey is swept off her feet by the oh-so cute Ryan Jones.

Ryan may seem like the perfect combination of Prince Charming meets Thor (without the hammer), but is Bailey ready to be with him?

Or will the ghost of her past love prevent her from finding happiness again?

As I said yesterday, Four Last First Dates by Kate O’Keeffe is the last book in the Cozy Cottage Café Series and the last book for me to finish this series.

Storm Sky Blues

Goodreads Blurb:

When he can’t keep pretending…

Gray’s social-climbing parents have a plan for their son. The same plan that worked perfectly well for his father before him. Law school, socialite wife, millions of dollars in the bank. It’s all planned out for the next thirty years.

You for Christmas

Goodreads Blurb:

Hiding his feelings for his best friend has become second nature to Parker Hunt. Throughout his years of friendship with Jonah Lee, he’d hoped for more, but he’d never been able to tell Jonah how he felt or what he wanted. When Jonah’s plans fall through for holiday break, Parker is determined to spend their last Christmas together and this time, be brave enough to tell Jonah exactly how he feels.

Jonah Lee has always been in awe of his friend, Parker. His energy, enthusiasm, and honesty had drawn Jonah to him from the first time they met. And while he’s always been an open book with Jonah, lately, Parker had been holding something back. On top of that, Jonah has realized that his feelings for Parker have grown and for the first time in his life, he’s curious about what Parker’s lips would feel like under his and what his definite male body would feel against his.

Will the holidays bring everything both men want, or will they let this opportunity pass them by?

The Morning After

Goodreads Blurb:

After a friend sets her up on a blind date from hell, Amanda has enough of dating. A spur-of-the-moment decision to attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day party leads to an unexpected encounter. She wakes up to a hangover and a surprising complication…

When Life Gives You Oranges

Goodreads Blurb:

There’s one thing Lisa loves more than anything and that’s fruit. As owner of a small juice business, she attends a yearly food festival to share her passion with the world. But this time, she’s not the only fruit fanatic on the block and the competition is about to get fierce. Who knew juice could be so exciting?

By Wind (The Witches of Portland #3)

Goodreads Blurb:

Brenda should be happy. She runs a successful esoteric shop in Portland. She has a great coven and good friends. 

But a voice she doesn’t recognize has taken up residence in her head. It’s not one of her spirit guides. It isn’t her matron Goddess. What does this voice want from her? Troubled customers start showing up, complaining that they hear voices, too. 

Then Caroline walks in, beautiful, with a sheet of perfect black hair, and a face that makes Brenda melt. She’s on the run from danger. 

Who —or what—stalks Caroline? And what haunts the streets of Portland, invading people’s minds? With the help of a couple of angels, Brenda and her coven must act swiftly, before the coming storm blows them all away.

Faye and the Ether (Faye and the Ether #1)

Goodreads Blurb:

For as long as I can remember, the sea has called to me, luring me to explore the secrets hidden beneath its cresting waves.

Faye is tossed into a current of uncertainty as she deliberates over her college choices. More than anything she wants to study by the sea, forever chasing the line where the ocean meets the horizon. But she finds herself dragged down by the riptide of her and her mother’s financial restraints. How can she be true to herself when anchored by her world’s limitations?

As the leader of the deadliest group in the Ether, Daron is at the top of his game. Yet there is one thing he’s failed at time and again–finding the human-raised Ether. It’s a known fact amongst his team that success on that particular mission would change their lives in unimaginable ways. Yet Daron couldn’t comprehend how true that was… until he saw Faye.

Guided by Daron, Faye enters a world she never knew existed. One filled with mythical creatures, struggling to coexist. As Faye wrestles with where she fits in this magical realm, secrets are revealed that turn the tide once more.

Inky darkness is seeping ever closer. Can Faye and Daron work together to save Ether and themselves? Or will the world be crushed under a wave of evil?

From author Nicole Bailey comes a young adult adventure filled with magic, intrigue, and the inner well of strength that flows through us all. 

Ain't She Sweet (Seven Brides for Seven Mothers, #2)

Goodreads Blurb:

Tara Heinz began her modeling career at the tender age of twelve. After spending fifteen years drooling over forbidden foods, she does the unthinkable. She enrolls in culinary school and becomes a pastry chef.

After a nasty breakup with her rock star boyfriend that leads to tabloid war, Tara takes a job at a rural lodge in Oregon to escape the spotlight she no longer desires.

James Cavanaugh is a farmer in Oregon. His days are spent building his business and his nights are spent sleeping, so he can get up at four in the morning.

Ruby Cavanaugh has plans for her son that involve her new pastry chef. Of course, neither James nor Tara know what’s going on until it’s too late.

I Pick You  (Signs of Life, Book #3)

Goodreads Blurb:

There Are Some Bad Seeds You Never Want to Meet

A year from retirement and still reeling from daughter Leena’s kidnapping, Portland PD Detective Wayne Deetz is called upon to check on a domestic violence case. From the moment Deetz and his friend Callie Freeland show up to help Sonny Carlisle, they are blindsided by a lawless toxic steamroller named Blaine Milligan.

At a breakneck clip, things go from bad to worse as Callie is eerily stalked and her fiancé Tyson is lured into Blaine’s web of evil and madness. While the city of Portland is being burned and dismantled by rioters, Deetz must race against the clock to protect Sonny, Callie and Tyson, and possibly even his own family.

With tension on every page, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author Creston Mapes demonstrates why he is a “Top Pick” among mystery, fiction and thriller lovers. 

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