Ex-Marine Tries To Save Cats And Dogs

a person holding a dog: Paul 'Pen' Farthing runs an animal charity in Afghanistan. Pic: Nowzad
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Not going to lie; I do remember the dark day of 9/11. When it came on the news, I was only five and played cars with my cousin at my aunt’s. I’m saying this because when I hear the word Afghanistan, the only thing that comes to mind is war and violence. I will never be able to understand how humans turn into monsters and kill the people who try to do good. When I saw this article, I knew I wanted to share. For me, this is the light from the dark.

Paul Farthing, known as Pen by friends, started the Nowzad shelter in Kabul after serving with the British Army in Afghanistan in the mid-2000s. The shelter is home to cats and dogs, and even donkeys. With the Afghan government stepping down and running. No one is safe, humans and animals alike.

Pen began operation Ark, where he has campaigned to have his staff and their families and 140 dogs and 60 cats evacuated. Later that week, Paul announced the UK government had granted visas for all his staff and their dependants – totalling 68 people. However, according to Ben Wallace, the animals have to stay behind since the UK would prioritise evacuating people aboard RAF flights out of Kabul.

Luckily, it was announced that a privately chartered Airbus A330 – funded by donations – was on standby to fly to Kabul to rescue the group’s workers and animals. I was happy when I read this, but my happiness didn’t last when I read what happened next. Mr Wallace tweeted, “At that stage, if he arrives with his animals, we will seek a slot for his plane.” Vet Dr Iain McGill says that people are ready to give a home to the aminals once they get to the UK.

The article ends it there, so I’m praying that a solution was found and no animal was left behind. If you know something more, please let me know in the comments.


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