August Wrap Up 2021

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Being Female Is A Crime

Thinking Of The Pack

Sand Is Alike The Body

Just A Child

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How did August treat you? Mine was nothing like I thought or planned to be. There was a reason why I did poetry month this August; I bit the bullet and was going to let my mum help me get top surgery privately. The clinic told me that the following opening for the surgeon consultation is in September, so I was like, okay, book me in.

Later that day, the clinic called back and asked me if I was interested in top surgery because they had an open slot for surgery in August. So, now my consultation in July, I tried not to put my hopes up but not going to lie, they still were up. After reading about my Cerebral Palsy and asking me questions, he told me straight that my case can’t be done in a private clinic because I am at a higher risk of staying under due to my Cerebral Palsy. So because of that, only the hospital has the equipment to bring me back if complications arise.

The issue now is that the waiting list there is endless and to add the icing on the cake, he’s only doing emergency operations due to covid. However, I have health issues due to the fat dispersion from hormones that ended up in my chest. I planned to read all the physical books I have. That plan was short-lived because something happened at work, and they asked me to do extra shifts, so instead of 4 hours a day I’m doing 8. This is why I haven’t taken part in any readathin sprint.



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