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I thought I would give you a significant life update, but I guess it’s not meant to be just yet. Now that I had the time to process all my thoughts and emotions. I spoke to a plastic surgeon for my top surgery. At first, the consultation was going to take place in September. However, later on, the clinic called me and told me that they had an opening for top surgery this August, and they wanted to know if I was interested.

Of course, I took the opportunity and last Saturday, I went to the consultation and my Cerebral Palsy; the private clinic isn’t fully equipped for a condition like mine should an emergency arise. Was I surprised? The honest answer is no; I had already seen an endocrinologist who said the same years ago. My only option left is the state hospital; the catch is here; the hospital has a waiting list that is years long. On top of that, due to covid the only people surgeons are life treating situations. I guess this is a good lesson in patience.

I, myself, am surprised with how many books I have read this month since 90. However, I have to confess that I gathered all my novellas and short stories, and I read them. Many of which were under 100 pages. I’m looking forward to readathin and maybe make some bookish friends I can buddy read with. I always enjoy poetry month, which is why I do them once in a while.



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