Top Ten Tuesday/ Reads In One Sitting

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July 20: Books I Read In One Sitting (or would have if I had the time)

I think this prompt read my mind because this month, I picked all the novellas, short stories from my kindle, and I read them. I found some pretty good books that can be read, and I read in one sitting.

Getting in the Spirit (Sapphire Falls, #3.5)

Since we are in summer Christmas, also known as Christmas in July, I will be adding a few Christmas reads. I actually started this last night. However, being that I was pretty sleepy, it went in one ear and out the other. So, I restarted this morning and just finished it. (I’m writing this at the weekend).

Fly Me to the Moon (Harmony Springs, #0.5)

Lexi Taylor was in a fire accident that left her with burn scars, and the trauma makes her stay away from any kind of fire. Tom “Finn” Finnegan has just returned home from serving, and he’s trying to cope PTSD. This novella will show you that every scar is valid; it doesn’t matter whether you can see it or not.

Christmas Fudge Fatality (Murder in the Mix, #20.5)

I don’t know you, but I do wonder what my dogs are saying when they bark.

How I Found Myself

How I Found Myself by Luna Tibling is about gender and finding yourself among it all. It gave the vibe that points are from the author’s personal experience.

Love Out of Bounds (Love Stories #10)

The Love Stories series is a romance lesbian series I love and read five out of the ten books released.  They can be read out of order which is how I’m reading them.

A Very English Christmas (Gay Amish Romance, #3.5)

Coming out of the closet is hard enough, let alone uprooting your life from Amish life to an English one.

The Forest Bed

It only has 101 pages, and it is with illustrations. The author gave me a copy for review, but I haven’t written it yet, ops. The author is also a blogger.

Message In A Bottle (Surf's Up)
A Tide Worth Turning

Two books had awaken a lot of emotions in me.

Reckless in Rio

I read this short novel right in season since the Olympics is about to start.


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