A Health Plant For A Health Human Part 3

Decorative Plant on  Living Room
Image from Pexels

From the comments, some of you are enjoying this series. I’m doing a part 3 and ending this series here for the time being. The article I have been using is from Lifehack, which I will link at the end of this post. Doing these posts gave me a better understanding of why my mum loves her plants so much.


Crop unrecognizable gardener touching lush potted rosemary

Some use it in cooking as a spice, but you either like it or not with no in-betweens since it’s a unique taste. Not only that, rosemary has been used in folk medicine for centuries.

Benefits are:

  • Used as a memory boost
  • Its scent can help concentration (as shown in a study done by Northumbria University)

Care Plan:

  • It needs lots of sunlight
  • Watered during the growing season
  • Limit watering during Winter
  • It needs to be trimmed after it flowers

Peace Lily

Closeup of exotic white peace lily evergreen herbaceous perennial flowers growing in rainforest

Here in Malta, you tend to find Peace Lilies in churches; however, this flower has pollen that may trigger asthma. From my experience, there were times where I had to leave mass because I had an asthma attack.

Benefit is:

  • A good air pollutant removal.

Care Plan:

  • It can be planted in all-purpose soil.
  • The soil needs to stay moist all year


They do well in low or bright light, but they thrive in the sun.

Boston Fern

Photo of Green Fern Leaves

When I saw this plant, my mind went to a Christmas tree, but oh well, I guess I was wrong.

Benefits are:

  • It is a natural humidifier
  • It might help with dry skin when positioned close to the air-conditioner

Care Plan:

  • They like indirect sunlight
  • They need to be checked daily; their soil needs to stay moist

I guess it’s time to wrap this series up for the time being. I’m curious, what plant or flower is your favourite? I love wildflowers because I connect them with fond childhood snaps.



All Images are from Pexels


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